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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

February Challenge

Sometimes I like to consider myself a musician. I have been playing some sort of instrument since I was 8. I've done piano, saxophone, guitar, toy accordion, a little bit of drums, and even done a little bit of electronic music. The problem is... I've never really been good at writing songs. Other than a couple funny songs and Christmas presents for my sister, I've hardly even made a valid attempt at writing music.

I have decided to change this.

There were a couple factors involved in making this decision. First of all I have been inspired by the RPM Challenge which challenges musicians to write and record 10 songs or 35 minutes of music during the 29 days of February. Second of all I have been thinking more about why I suck at writing music and I've decided that its because my first draft almost undoubtedly sucks. After I hear what I've written I get disgusted with myself for making something so crappy. I don't do this with anything else I do creatively, but for some reason writing a song is different. So what I have decided to do is give myself permission to write crappy music. By the end of February I will write at least 10 songs. I make no promises to share what I make, but I will make it... crappy or not.

Final goal in this vein of my life is to play a concert with this kind of energy:


Mom said...

energy is good, but I want to hear your songs! It wouldn't matter if they were "crappy" if you played like the guys in the video, noone would know!
(I know that sounds like a mother).
Love you

michelle:-) said...

I think you could do better than them.... um, so when is this going to happen..I need to pen this on my calender, cause I don't want to miss it- michelle

brikon said...

I am stoked to hear it! The only thing I could recommend is not to rhyme too much. I hate those bands that are all rhymeeee. Yuckeee.